Node Reference

Blur Node

  • Width: Blur width in pixels.

  • Height: Blur height in pixels.

  • Link: If activated, Width and Height are scaled together.

  • Blur Type:

    • Box: Faster.

    • Gaussian: Slower but looks nicer.

Color Node

  • Red, Green, Blue: Select which channels are affected by the color correction.

  • Black: Remap the black level to the given value.

  • White: Remap the white level to the given value.

  • Gamma: Apply a gamma correction.

  • Gain: The gain operation is a multiplication by the given value.

  • Lift: The lift operation adds the given value.

  • Red: Perform a multiplication on only the red channel.

  • Green: Perform a multiplication on only the green channel.

  • Blue: Perform a multiplication on only the blue channel.

Crop Node

  • Left, Top, Right, Bottom: Crop the corresponding side of the image.

  • Presets:

    • None: Normal crop.

    • Center Square: Crop image to square while keeping the origin centered.

Exif Node

Currently just shows you the exif data from the image.

Read Node

Images Tab

  • Load Image(s): Opens a file dialog to load images into the node.

  • Delete Image: Deletes the selected image from the node.

RAW Settings Tab

  • Size:

    • Half: Reads input image at half size

    • Full: Reads input image at full size

    • Auto Brightness: Automatically adjusts the brightness of the image.

    • Use Camera White Balance: Uses the white balance setting that was set in the camera while recording the image.

    • Color Temperature: Adjusts the white balance. Displayed values are in Kelvin.

    • Exposure: Adjusts the exposure. Displayed value is in stops.

Resize Node

  • Width, Height: Resize the input image either by a scale factor or with a fixed output size

  • Link: If activated, scale width and height together, keeping the aspect ratio of the image.

Rotate Node

  • Degrees: The degree of rotation.

  • Flip: Mirrors the image across the horizontal axis.

  • Flop: Mirrors the image across the vertical axis.

  • Resizing:

    None: Keeps the image dimension when rotating. Extend: Extends the image so that no original pixels are lost. Crop: Crops the image to the largest possible dimension without showing black background.

Sharpen Node

  • Width: The width of the sharpening kernel in pixels.

  • Threshold: The threshold for detecting features.

Write Node

  • Set Folder: Opens a file dialog to specify the output folder.

  • File Name:

    • Original Name: Uses the name of the input image.

    • Custom: Lets the user pick a custom name.

    • Number: Uses a number with the specified digits and start.

      Note: The filename is modular and can consist of up to three parts. By clicking on the plus and minus signs it is possible to open/close additional boxes. For example the first box could be the original name, followed by a suffix in the second box and a number in the third. (i.e. originalname_edited_001.jpg)

  • File Type: The file type to be saved.

  • Batch Process: If activated, all images in the Read Node are going to be processed.

  • Save Image(s): Start the rendering process and save images to disk.